Downloading Exchange 2010 Offline Address Book fails

A security group does not have sufficient rights to an OAB folder.

After enabling Offline Address Book in exchange 2010, when you download OAB through outlook client, Outlook stays idle at “Offline address book connecting to Exchange server”

This is due to insufficient permission on OAB folder for required security groups. Following are the details of permission required in OAB folder.

Security group Permission requirement
Authenticated Users Read
Enterprise Admins Read
Domain Admins Read
Exchange Organization Administrators Read
Exchange Servers Full Control
Administrators Full Control

To modify folder permissions

 1. On the Client Access server, start Windows Explorer, and then locate the following folder:


2. In the right pane, right-click an OAB folder (represented by a GUID), and then click Properties.

3. Click the Security tab, and then modify the permissions as shown in the table that appears earlier in this topic.

4. When you have finished modifying the OAB folder permissions, click OK.


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My passion is for Microsoft technologies and how if properly implemented, they can provide actual value for an organization especially in the field of infrastructure, virtualization and system monitoring. I work for the biggest Microsoft partner in Kuwait, specialized in project consultation and implementation services for enterprise clients. When I'm not at work, I try to contribute back through a charitable organization dedicated to prompting cultural values of Kerala. In my free time, I dabble in gardening and am also an avid solar power aficionado.

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