SCCM Update Prerequisite Components

Among the first installation steps in setting up System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM) is the “Update Prerequisite Components”.  Often we do not have access to internet from the host we are setting up SCCM or the internet download speed is throttled. In this case, you can use any windows system (server or desktop) which is experiencing moderately fast internet link to download the required update components.

In the previous version SCCM 2007, we use the command Setup.exe /downloads <target dir> to download the update prerequisite components. But in SCCM 2012 the command got modified, you should use SetupDL.exe <target dir>  to download the update prerequisite components.

The SetupDL.exe file is located in the SMSSETUP\BIN\X64 directory of your SCCM 2012 installation media.

Once the update components download is completed, you may either provide an approachable network path to the location or copy the “Update Prerequisite Components” to SCCM server and point installation wizard to the copied folder.

Click next to proceed  with  the installation wizard.


About Jayachandran PK
My passion is for Microsoft technologies and how if properly implemented, they can provide actual value for an organization especially in the field of infrastructure, virtualization and system monitoring. I work for the biggest Microsoft partner in Kuwait, specialized in project consultation and implementation services for enterprise clients. When I'm not at work, I try to contribute back through a charitable organization dedicated to prompting cultural values of Kerala. In my free time, I dabble in gardening and am also an avid solar power aficionado.

4 Responses to SCCM Update Prerequisite Components

  1. giri says:

    I was downloaded using SetupDL.exe , it showing 395MB.
    Iam not able to install sccm 2012 setup, showing error while uploading prerequisites

    • Hi Giri,
      Size on disk-395 MB looks fine as far as size is concerned.
      Can you detail the error you encounter while uploading prerequisites? It looks like some cab files are corrupted. Did you face any error while downloading?

  2. Shiyaz says:

    HI Jay ,
    Im testing SCCM 2007 on a virtual machine ,can you please provide me the path for the download for prerequisite component .

    • Hi Shiyaz,
      For SCCM 2007 Prerequisite Components, go to any system having internet access and then open command prompt with admin privilege (make sure the working directory or path is pointing to SCCM 2007 setup files folder). Type Setup.exe /downloads c:\sccm_comp. This command will download prerequisite components to the specified target directory (c:\sccm_comp). Copy the c:\sccm_comp folder (where all the prerequisite components are downloaded) to SCCM server and then select “use previously downloaded files” option to continue the installation.

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