Azure Active Directory Configuration

In this post we will create an Azure Active Directory tenant, a tenant administrator and some users.
Create Azure Active Directory Tenant

logon to the Azure management portal ( using your Azure administrator account


Click on the New button

Choose the options as marked below
Select Create new directory option, then provide a friendly name which will be displayed on the portal.

Make sure to choose a Unique Domain Name for your Directory, and then select your country or region. click on Tick mark to continue.
Under the Active Directory Tab, notice that the newly created Tenant is displayed.


Create Tenant Administrator Account

Go to the Azure AD tenant and select USERS.
Click on the ADD USER at the bottom of the screen.
Fill in the details of the User and click right arrow to go to the next section.
Select the Role you want to assign to the user. Since we are going to create Tenant administrator account, we will select Global Admin role.
Provide an alternate email address for recovery, you may use any email address here. This is required only if you select Global admin role.
Click on the box if you want to enable Multi-Factor Authentication
Click right arrow to go to the next section

Click on Create


Remember the initial password or click on the Copy icon to copy the password, you will be forced to reset the password during the initial login.


Open your browser and go to to login with the tenant administrator account.
Type in or paste the temporary password and click on Sign In.


Update the account with a strong permanent password.
Click on submit to complete login process.

You are successfully logged in to the newly created tenant with Global Administrator account privileges.


Create User Account

go back to the ADD USER steps mentioned above (click on ADD USER under Azure AD tenant, USERS tab)

Fill in the details of the user and select User under the Role and follow the wizard.




About Jayachandran PK
My passion is for Microsoft technologies and how if properly implemented, they can provide actual value for an organization especially in the field of infrastructure, virtualization and system monitoring. I work for the biggest Microsoft partner in Kuwait, specialized in project consultation and implementation services for enterprise clients. When I'm not at work, I try to contribute back through a charitable organization dedicated to prompting cultural values of Kerala. In my free time, I dabble in gardening and am also an avid solar power aficionado.

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