Enabling mobile device enrollment using Microsoft Intune

In order to enroll the mobile devices with Intune, The Cloud administrator must configure Intune as the Mobile Device Management authority, add users and setup the portal for the users to register the devices.

Currently there are three types of Mobile Device Management solutions available with Microsoft, they are: Intune, Configuration Manager with Intune and Office 365 MDM solutions.

This post describes the step by step guidelines required to configure Mobile Device Management solution using Microsoft Intune without System Center Configuration Manager integration.

How to set mobile device management authority:


  • In the Tasks list, click Set Mobile Device Management Authority. The Set MDM Authority dialog box opens.


  • At the confirmation page, Check the box and then click OK to use Microsoft Intune to manage mobile devices.
  • Microsoft Intune is set as the Mobile Device Management authority. Now we can enable device enrollment for devices.



Preparing mobile device management with Microsoft Intune:

  • Add Intune users: The mobile device owner must be added to the account portal before devices can be enrolled. The Azure Active Directory synchronization facilitate to add users in the account portal. You can also add individual users through the Office 365 admin center and use .csv file to bulk add users.

3a. users

  • Create groups (Optional) : Groups in Intune provide great flexibility in managing your devices and users. The Azure Active Directory synchronization enables to use security groups to refine policy deployment by geography, department, or users known to use certain devices. The groups cannot dynamically target device operating system.



  • Add policies for devices (Optional): Policies are groups of settings that control features on devices. Most MDM policies are platform specific. The type of policies available are: Configuration policies – Set platform specific management of device settings, Compliance policies – Monitor and remediate compliance issues for devices, Conditional access policies – Use with compliance issues to enable access to company resources like email and SharePoint.


  • Set device enrollment limit (Optional): This limits the number of mobile devices a user can enroll. To set the limit, click Admin > Mobile Device Management > Enrollment rules. Set the maximum number of devices a user can enroll and then click Save.

5.Enrolment rule

  • Set Company Portal settings: Customize the Intune Company Portal for your company. By providing the Company Name, Department Name, Phone Number, privacy statement URL etc. click Admin > Company Portal and provide custom details.

6.Company portal

  • Set Terms and Conditions: You can publish terms and conditions that your users will see when they first use the company portal from any device, whether or not that device is already enrolled. Click Policy > Terms and Conditions, and then click Add to create a new terms and conditions policy.

7.Terms and condition

Now you can enable device enrollment for the following devices:

  1. Enable iOS management
  2. Enable Android management
  3. Enable Windows Phone management
  4. Enable Windows management


Please refer to the “iOS device management with Microsoft Intune” blog for enabling iOS device management

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